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Customize your fashion Brand YOU not them!

Whether you are looking to BUILD YOUR OWN BRAND or CREATE CUSTOM CLOTHING for a one time event, VP Churchill Fashion has you covered. QR Codes can be added to all VP Churchill styles allowing anyone to SCAN your apparel directing them to your website, mobile app, or social media page INSTANTLY. At VP Churchill, we offer HIGH-END apparel options and a DESIGN TEAM to make YOUR ideas come to life! Browse our style selections, choose your apparel piece, buy now, and a Design Specialist will contact you. It’s that simple! At VP Churchill Fashion, DESIGN POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! Get ready to #BRANDYOUNOTTHEM.

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VP Churchill Fashion & Apparel is a family owned company that focuses on individuality. We create CUSTOM retail pieces using sublimation to brand individuals and their businesses. A QR code can be embedded into the fabric of our custom creations. This allows anyone to scan VP Churchills apparel and be directed to a website, Facebook, or Instagram page instantly. Our goal is to bridge the gap between you, your business, and everyday consumers. VP Churchill Fashion is the only company to incorporate CUSTOM FASHION with QR CODE TECHNOLOGY!

QUALITY is KEY when it comes to VP Churchill Fashion. The Corinthian Letterman Jacket is our signature piece. All material comes from Italy in sections and hand stitched to perfection. The arms are genuine leather creating a powerful statement. We also offer varsity jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, snap back hats, arm sleeves, and sweat suits. 


All items are custom made and made to order. Non-license products. No celebrity endorsements.