Suave Churchill Chairman and Owner Of VP Churchill INC Has His Plate Full For A Good Reason


Suave Churchill native of Pomona California, former president at Rick Ross Music Group Freeway Rick Ross label, has understood the assignment. By studying the late great Nipsey Hussle and ex-drug Kingpen Freeway Rick Ross’s blueprint, he’s on his way to greatness. This self-made entrepreneur has come a long way since his shyness in high school, but having the love for business brought him out of his shell, he understood that being under a rock would not get him in the space he wanted to be in. Mr. Churchill created what we call a dynasty, VP Churchill Fashion, his fashion line that’s growing daily, Audio Stage, a digital music platform that’s unbelievable, music distribution, podcast, and a great community for fans and artists to interact with one another, this is brilliant! Not to mention his own NFT platform, this guy is the ghetto Elon Musk.  What’s so special about this man, is giving back, not only that but he’s also an executive of a documentary on gun violence  “The World Epidemic” six-part series on mental health, financial literacy, the solution, and much more. Suave hooked up with Terry C. Carney original member of Ice T group Rhyme Syndicate to produce the documentary as one the main producers.

Freeway Rick Ross’s right-hand man, Cornell Ward has come aboard to help build the infrastructure of the business with Suave Churchill, Esqwire Strickland, and Terry C. Carney. Cornell Ward was a highly recruited athlete out of South Central Los Angeles out of high school, but like a lot of us, poverty was real and the family needed help, food, bills paid, etc, it’s called survival, So Freeway Rick Ross gave him an opportunity and the rest was history, they built a multi-million dollar drug empire. Well, today Cornell Ward has sent many kids to college and the NFL.

Suave Churchill had many mentors, one in-particular Bobby Jackson, the 6 Man of the year for the NBA franchise Sacramento Kings, believe it or not, Bobby Jackson encourage Mr. Churchill to join the Sacramento Kings organization to build relationships and connections within the franchise for business purposes which he has accomplished. Mr. Suave Churchill made an alliance with minority and majority owners, as well as the Sacramento downtown ownership.

Suave Churchill stated to our staff that he’s building generational wealth for his offspring, his kids, and grandkids. “I was never given the opportunity like most kids, My mom passed of cervical cancer at 26, I was 10 yrs old so my grandmother raised me and my sister, no father, so my grandmother was our professor, a very smart lady that only had a 3rd-grade education, picked cotton while tooting my mom on her back in Clarksville Texas. After migrating to Pomona California, things weren’t all that easy also, California was much more expensive than Texas, but somehow they survived. At the age of 13 I had a knack for becoming a business owner, In high school I had economics but I didn’t understand the process, that didn’t stop my motivation to become successful, and I continued to stride. I entered the music Industry at 16 and by this time things started coming together, Long story short, it clicked! I became more eager and wanted to learn all about how to build a business, So I study the greats, I started reading books later in life, Rich Dad Poor dad, The Process of Elimination, Think and Grow Rich, and many others. People in high school didn’t know I had a learning disability, I was placed in special education from the 2nd grade until my 10th-grade year, and It all clicked and I never looked back, I do think my shyness was a big part of that. Now I can’t be stopped! I’m motivated daily to take on new challenges without fear and conquer all obstacles. Building for my seeds keeps me going and motivated, this is why I work so hard and restless nights”

Suave Churchill’s first film was Freeway Rick Ross’s “Crack In The System” and he stated this was one of the biggest life lessons in business he has ever endured, Suave finally learned the importance of contracts, he never received a penny from the film. Even though It was a Freeway Rick Ross film,  Freeway Rick Ross had no control over the film (Lesson Learned) always enter all intellectual property with contracts, your idea, your vision, your capital. Handshakes are irrelevant in 2022.

As a young journalist and growing, Mr. Churchill allowed me to write a piece of his life story, of course, I have a long way to go, but people like him don’t come as often giving people like myself a chance to shine. I’m pretty sure I have grammatical errors in this piece, but the moral of the story is, learning, growing, and improving. Freeway Rick Ross could not read nor write until he went to prison, today he has a literacy program and speak at colleges around the country. Cornell Ward went from being a high school football star to becoming a drug Kingpen, getting his life back together, and now putting kids in college and the NFL. No one starts from the top, it’s all a process, Mr. Churchill started from below the bottom and worked his way up! Thank you Mr. Churchill for giving me this opportunity on your platform

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