Making money with Crypto Mining, NFTs, Trading, and DeFi!

Here’s how I’m making money with Crypto Mining, NFTs, Trading, and DeFi! Earning passive income with cryptocurrency isn’t easy but there are a lot of ways to earn money and hopefully get rich with cryptocurrencies! Subscribe to VoskCoin –

Binamon Pokemon like game on Binance with NFTs!
Learn more about Lovepot Finance –
The Meter Box Kickstarter fund for mining –
Alpha Ronins NFTs launching soon –
Compass has miners in stock!
It’s better to buy a Helium miner than an Ethereum miner –
The Bobcat Miner 300 is the best Helium mining rig –

Making money with cryptocurrency is easy, but so is losing money and just as quick as you could have become the next crypto millionaire thanks to investing into the best coins if you buy the wrong token you could lose all of your money. I diversify my cryptocurrency investing between crypto mining, I mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and many other top and profitable cryptocurrencies to mine but I also trade crypto HOWEVER the most fun I am having right now is buying, selling, and of course minting NFTs. Non-Fungible Token or an NFT is a digital collectible that have massive momentum turning early NFT investors into crypto millionaires. Let’s review the best blockchains for NFTs, what coins I am mining, and how much money I am making in passive and active income with crypto coins especially with my favorite coin to mine of all, Helium. Helium hotspot miners, specifically the Bobcat Miner 300 are my favorite mining rigs!

Opensea NFTs for Ethereum OSEA airdrop – ZAPP free crypto airdrop likely –
Rabbithole GG smart airdrops for crypto and free NFTs –
Phantom Wallet best SOL Solana NFT wallet –
NAMI best wallet for Cardano ADA NFTs –
Metamask the best wallet for NFTs on Ethereum, BSC Binance Smart Chain, and Fantom FTM!
Review the F2Pool miner revenue –
Bobcat Miner 300 is the best miner to buy –
How to buy the Bobcat Miner 300 –
Innosilicon A11 official website and store to buy –
Research how and where to buy the Linzhi Phoenix miner –​
Linzhi Phoenix Roll-Out of Ethereum Miner –​

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Crazy crypto with mining NFTs and DeFi
00:52 How does crypto creates opportunities to earn money?
02:01 How much do I make with mining?
03:09 Bitcoin mining profitability
04:23 My ASIC mining setups
05:32 Custom electricity Meter Box for crypto miners
07:30 How to mine Helium HNT?
08:10 Helium mining profitability
10:00 NFTs on Cardano blockchain
10:41 Free NFT mints
13:21 OpenSea airdrop and Coinbase NFT marketplace
14:16 airdrops?
15:39 Metamask token airdrop?
16:07 Solana NFT marketplaces
16:50 Alpha Ronins NFT project
17:42 and NFTs
18:24 Alpha Ronins NFT project features and roadmap
19:17 BSC ecosystem and how to interact with it?
19:49 PancakeSwap NFT marketplace
20:59 What is Binamon NFT game?
21:56 Binamon token and platform features
24:40 a new DeFi jackpot platform?
26:38 quests and airdrop
27:38 What are smart airdrops?
28:25 Awesome new surprises coming up?

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