Fatburger Corporation Happy Foods Inc. Links Up With Independent Fashion Designer March 28, 2020 – Posted in: VP Churchill Custom Apparel – Tags:

Prior to the slaying of rap mogul Nipsey Hussle, independent fashion designer Ernest Churchill aka Suave Churchill was in negotiations with Fatburger and Happy Foods corporation as well as designing some exclusive Nipsey Hussle apparel. Soon after Suave received a message from his sister that Nipsey was shot at the world-famous Marathon Store, 1 hour later he then received another call that Nipsey had passed on, this devastated Suave, not because the business had to be resumed at a later date, but Nipsey was his mentor and he would have been able to sit down with Nipsey and receive more of the Blue-print. As months went on, Irma Sanchez, manager of the Crenshaw and Slauson Fatburger decided to have a special uniform made for Nipsey’s Birthday were all of the employees would wear the custom t-shirt from VP Churchill Fashion & Apparel sponsored by VP Churchill. This built a trusting relationship between all parties, the rest is history.


Here we are a year later, business, as usual, Ernest Churchill has been offered a deal to handle all of the Fatburger corporate stores from the Bay area to Las Vegas, In the midst of all that, the Marathon executives will be negotiating a deal with VP Churchill handling only Exclusive Nipsey Hussle custom apparel, Puma has an exclusive deal but Blacc Sam is so intelligent, options were left open. We asked Suave Churchill how did this all come about, he stated this “My sister Shanda Sealey of Platinum Queens had a vision, she would always tell Blacc Sam about me, he wanted to hook up, the rest is history once again, this brought on the situation with Fatburger and several other deals, I owe her everything, she’s god fearing and her vision is clear, shanda spoke it all into existence. Check VP Churchill Instagram below…