Content Creator Erin On Demand Making 7 Figure Moves As CEO Of Her Company

Hey y’all! I’m Erin and I’m a new full-time entrepreneur. I’m super excited to take you all along this crazy ride as I build my business from the ground up. Starting a business is much more than what influencers make it seem. It takes grit, hard work, and a lot of learning along the way. I’m taking you through the trenches and the mountaintops with me, giving you a good look inside the life of a startup entrepreneur. A little about me: I’m from Detroit. 24. Graduated from Howard University in 2016. Majored in Broadcast Journalism. Graduated. Thought I would go off and work for CNN or something. Got a job at a credit union as a spokesperson. Had a blast. Applied for a nationwide contest to win a job at National Geographic. Won. Served as their first Digital Correspondent. Moved back to Washington, DC. Contract ended. Started my biz. Moved back in with mom and pops. Here I am. I’ve been on Youtube for a bit, but this is my new and improved channel!