100% Natural With No Cutting Agents
97%+ Pure THC (Lab Tested)
3X More Potent Than Conventional THC
Consistent "High" (No Tolerance Build Up)
1 Cartridge Lasts 1 to 2 Weeks
Convenient, Safe, and Discreet
Get It Delivered Via Mail (Guaranteed) 
Compatible With Any 510 Threaded Battery

Celestial™ THC vape cartridges are made of the highest-quality materials to deliver smooth, consistent puffs. The flavor opens with tones of berries and mint, finishing with a light effervescent citrus flavor. The intoxicating and psychoactive effects are felt immediately and amplify within a few minutes. The pure G9™ THC in each cartridge produces a superior high that lasts for hours.

G9™ THC Distillate

G9™ THC distillate is 97%+ THC and ~3% terpenes and is tested (3rd party) to meet the highest standards in the industry. Our THC distillate does not contain PG, VG, Vitamin E, MCT, PEG, or any cutting agents. It is a natural product, void of any synthetics.

The G9™ THC distillate inside of each Celestial™ vape cartridge is freshly produced every week, made to order. The cannabis used to produce our product is from the private cultivation of cannabis sativa strains that are engineered to yield a potent THC distillate. Our unique process allows us to provide a top tier THC vape product of superior quality, producing an unparalleled high that does not become less potent to the user over time (No Tolerance Build Up).

What Does It Feel Like?

The high from vaping Celestial™ THC cartridges is cerebral and body high that has a gradual onset followed by euphoria and "other worldly" psychoactive effects. The high is unlike anything you've experienced and remains the same with each use. Our exclusive product is 3 times stronger than all other THC vape products on the market. Each 1 mL (1 gram) cartridge is constructed with state of the art materials, filled with our proprietary THC distillate, and will last 1 to 2 weeks, depending on use.


Produced with proprietary cannabis strains


This is a pure product without any synthetics


No propylene glycol, MCT, or vegetable glycerin


Get high without feeling couch-locked or hungry


3x stronger effects than conventional cannabis


1 cartridge lasts 1 to 2 weeks, depending on use

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ATTENTION: Not available for ordering or shipping in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Vermont, or Washington


Get More High.
Spend Less Money.

Choose An Option:

Single Cartridge


97%+ THC (1000 mg)
1 mL (1 gram) Crystal Glass Cartridge
1 Cartridge Lasts 1 To 2 Weeks
Discreet FREE Shipping
Guaranteed Delivery

3 Cartridges (BEST DEAL)


97%+ THC (1000 mg)
1 mL (1 gram) Crystal Glass Cartridge
3 Cartridges Last 3 To 6 Weeks
Discreet FREE Shipping
Guaranteed Delivery

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Is This Legal?

Yes, this product is compliant with federal laws and is legal in most states in the USA. We DO NOT sell this product to people that live in states where our product is not legal or allowed which are: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Vermont, Washington

Is This Real THC and Will It Get Me High?

Yes, it will get you high. This product contains real THC that is intoxicating and psychoactive. It delivers a superior "high" compared to conventional THC vaping products or smoking cannabis. The high lasts longer and the unique formulation does not allow for a person to build up a tolerance to the effects.

Do You Allow Bulk Orders?

Yes, we allow bulk orders for qualified people. Bulk orders require a 250 unit minimum order which is purchased at a special bulk rate. Contact us for bulk ordering information.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Order?

Celestial by VP Churchill is freshly produced and made to order in order to deliver the highest quality product and experience. Because of this, there is a lead time of 4 to 5 days per order and then your order will be shipped. So, you should receive your product within 8 to 9 days after placing your order. Rush order options are available by contacting us HERE.

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