Black Owned Face Mask Designer Had No Idea That His Mask Would Blow! Thanks To The Late Great Nipsey Hussle April 29, 2020 – Posted in: Face Mask – Tags: , , , ,

Black owned custom mask designer was just trying to help his FB followers to mask up, Then the orders went ballistic, 500 orders in two days, the sells where through the roof, sells after sells after sells. He then had to start a shopify  website which took two days to go live, and the sells have not let up, actually with the marketing from his web designer April Catchings, the mask are flying off the roof, Suave Churchill can’t keep up with the orders.  He then contacted his manufacture, Eduardo De La Cruz, owner of Box Art, and told him to keep the product coming. Suave Churchill the owner of VP Churchill Fashion & Apparel started VP Churchill Masks when the governor of California stated that mask needed to be worn in establishment through out California, he immediately took action. Mr. Churchill is not only selling custom mask, he’s also conducting business with corporate companies on the N95 mask, and the state of California governor Gavin Newsom also doing business with his business partner Kenneth Hall whom is partners with a international supplier in China. Not only are they doing mask, but also the body armor, shield and gloves.  Mr. Suave was a student of the late great Nipsey Hussle, he speaks of following Nipsey’s blue print even though he’s much older than Nipsey, but Suave stated that the age means noting, education doesn’t have an age, “Nipsey was a true genius” said Mr. Churchill.  The mask are 100 percent woven cotton, double compressed with sublimation images.

“People think that I’m obsessed with Nipsey Hussle, but he’s a professor, a teacher, and visionary, you can call it what you want but I’m soaking it all in”. Vp Churchill mask will now start making filtered mask, even though the 100 percent woven is the same, but people are hearing filter filter filter! so I’ll make them to satisfy my customers.


If you’re interested in supporting a small business, a small minority owned business, hit the link  This pandemic is destroying our country, and especially the black community with underling conditions. These mask are not N95, these mask are utilized to help prevent the spread of the virus to others, be smart, following the state enforced guidelines, don’t think it can’t happen to you, exercise social distancing with your family, soon this will be the past. VP Churchill Fashion & Apparel isn’t about the money, but about the safety of all of you. Portion of all the proceed’s will go to the Neighborhood Nip Foundation and the Mamba Mambacita Sports Academy Sports Foundation, people, maskup!